Hello, I’m a Product Designer based in Okemos, Michigan USA with nearly 20 years design experience and specialize in creative UX and branding for mobile and responsive web applications. I have a particlar emphasis on creating immersive experiences with usability, accessibility and web standards in mind. 

I first started building professional websites in 1996. Over the years, I have developed a multifaceted skillset including visual design, interaction design, usability, branding, typography, front-end web development and 3D visualization. I’ve worked on various internal and external projects for clients such as 3M, GoPro, TechSmith, USA Track & Field, and have had my work featured prominently by Apple, Google, Microsoft and others.

Journey into Product Design

My first creative experience using software was with an early bézier curve drawing program. Controlling a simple UI element, such as a handlebar jetting out from a node provided more precision than I had ever imagined possible. My mind became facinated with the possibilities. Digital tools could make it possible for anyone to express themselves creatively. And, at that time a lot was left to the imagination with regards to what could be possible. This led me to create digital experiences of my own, designing and implementing web and ecommerce sites in the late 90s to creating web based subscription services through the 2000s. I didn’t know it then, but I was always searching for a ways to solve problems with the kind of simplicity and elegance I had experienced early on with the bézier curve drawing program. 

Designing the top sports app

Over the last five years, I’ve had the opportunity to design applications for a customer base which is very close to my heart; coaches helping athletes refine technique and grow in their sport. Designing the Coach’s Eye application on iOS, Android and Windows has been a project of passion. I’ve spent countless hours immersing myself in the athletic development process. This was a natural extension of my years as a chief instructor of the martial art, Sanchin-Ryu. A wide range of customers use the product to not only improve the training process, but also in reaching athletes that otherwise would not have access to their coaching. In fact, my own Dad is a daily active user of Coach’s Eye. Witnessing his coaching method evolve using a product that I was involved in from conception, is truly a hallmark of my career as a product designer.

Recent Projects

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