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Portfolio Tip: Automatically backup project folders

If you're a designer on a product team that's shipping rapidly, then there's a good chance you've found yourself feeling a bit behind when it comes keeping your portfolio updated. I've spent a lot of time recently pulling together the best examples of work from the last five years working on the Coach's Eye App. As I sift through the work, mockup by mockup, I keep getting the creeping feeling that I'm forgetting some of the better work. Quickly moving from one project to the next, most of the time platform to platform, you find yourself with just enough time at the end of a release to export assets and manage last minute design hurdles, it's easy to post a shot to dribbble or at very least save a few mockups in a  personal folder on dropbox or google drive, but it's even easier to forget. I've been using this little tip to automate the collection of mockups, icons, workflows, presentations, etc. I hope it saves a few hours down the road too.

Step 1: Open OSX's native Automator app. An easy way to find this application is by pressing command + space bar. This will open Spotlight search where you can easily search for the  Automator app.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 1.17.17 AM

Step 2: We're going to have Automator watch our work folder and magically make a copy in a separate backup folder. Create New "Folder Action". The folks at Apple has saved us a good chunk of work with this workflow template.


Step 3: Now we need to select the folder we want the folder action performed on. Click the drop down menu at the top of the workflow space on the right and navigate to the folder that mockups and assets are saved in.

Step 4: Select "Copy finder items" from the Actions sidebar. Notice the library of actions. Under the "Library" folder, select "Copy Finder Items". Then click and drag it over to the right panel workflow space.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 2.39.27 AM

Step 5: Now we just need to specify or create which folder we'd like to copy the work to. Create or select your personal dropbox, google drive or save a copy locally and make a habit to back it up on a USB drive.

Step 6: Save the Folder Action and test it out by dropping a file on your work folder. If it doesn't work, try starting fresh with two new folders and run through these steps again.



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