Coach's Eye App

Product Design, Interactions, Branding — iOS, Android, Windows

Over the last five years, I’ve had the opportunity to design applications for a customer base which is very close to my heart; coaches helping athletes refine technique and grow in their sport. Designing the Coach’s Eye application on iOS, Android and Windows has been a project of passion. I’ve spent countless hours immersing myself in the athletic development process. This was a natural extension of my many years as a martial arts instructor (Sanchin-Ryu Karate). A wide range of customers use the product to not only improve the training process, but also in reaching athletes that otherwise would not have access to their coaching. In fact, my own Dad is a daily active user of Coach’s Eye. Witnessing his coaching method evolve using a product that I was involved in from conception, is truly a hallmark of my career as a product designer.

Coach's Eye Video Analyzer

The iPhone changed everything. Experiencing the device for the first time was  like interacting with an artifact of the future.  But, with all of the pioneering interactions and interfaces, video playback had been overlooked. Native playback in iOS was lackluster at best. Navigating video, both long or short was Scrubbing video playback. Over the years we pushed the boundaries of how much detail was needed (minimalistic approach). Apple and hundreds of competitors have borrowed from this approach as an intuitive, gestural way to navigate a video timeline.

Coach's Eye Video Analyzer 2011-2016 (mobile)

Coach's Eye Team Chat and Locker Workflows

Film review is a fundamental teaching tool that coaches use to help their team develop the skills they need to succeed. However, most teams don't have the budget nor the time. We designed our team solution to bring the film room to your phone and tablet. Coaches use this service to analyze practice, game film, drills and individual technique. All hosted by Coach’s Eye and built around video-focused group chat. 

Notable Acheivements 

UI featured in Apple's October 2014 Keynote

Sports Illustrated back cover ad for Apple iPad Air

Webby Award 2014

UI featured in Apple's "Your Verse" Commercial

RedBull Surf Science Participant

UI featured in Audi's "Intelligence is the new Rock n' Roll" spot