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Marketing , Product Design

Designing apps in 2011 felt a lot like panning for gold. Apple’s iOS AppStore had already had a few breakout successes (mostly games). However, many of the over-night successes had endured failure upon failure before shipping a successful app. Failure paved the road to understanding the dynamics of creating the right apps that sell in the App Store. We decided to follow the Lean product development model popularized by Eric Reis. Finding a good product/market fit and creating simple, yet addictive workflows and inherently viral sharing from the app seemed to be the key to spreading word of mouth and garnering large download numbers. Success for our product, in the eyes of our team, was going to be heavily reliant on shipping quickly, measuring usage and gathering customer feedback, then adjusting and shipping again. We immersed ourselves, payed careful attention to detail and did it with a humble appreciation for our customer’s problem space. I have twenty years of experience training and instructing martial arts, which really lent itself to empathizing with coaches and athletes. 

Apple AppStore Feature Art