Coach's Eye + TEAMS Web Service

Workflows, Visual Design , Responsive Wed Design

Sustaining and growing a stronghold as a number #1 app on the AppStore (sports) is a constant challenge. Combing through hundreds of user-submitted feature requests is a good place to start, but what what we were to build had to enhance our position as the top app by growing the userbase, word-of-mouth and ultimately revenue. With Coach's Eye + TEAMS we set out to give coaches and athletes a shared virtual film room experience. 

When athletes study video practice together, not only does self confidence increase, but so does trust in the team as a whole. Our goal was to give athletes all the tools they would use in a professional film study on their mobile device. 


Athletes want a place to share not only their highlights, but also their journey through their athletic career. The kinds of videos range from analysis from a coach after practice, game film, drills or footage gathered from camps... All hosted on a custom space of the Coach’s Eye app.