Instant Replay App

Workflows and Visual Design — iOS, Android

InstantReplay was the first breakout product under the Coach’s Eye brand, which provided a unique set of challenges in it’s own right. Visually, we wanted the UI to give users of the Coach's Eye apps a sense of familiarity without undermining this product’s premium experience (InstantReplay is priced up to 100 times the price of our other products and services in our offering). Consistent navigation patterns, interactions, visual design, typography and color treatment gave this product the edge it needed to sit as the crown jewel of the Coach’s Eye brand.

In order for all of this to work, parents, assistant coaches and sidelined athletes get on the same wifi network as the coach’s iPad and identify as a "broadcaster”. After every "snap", broadcasters press “record” and begin tagging information about the play as it unfolds. When the play ends, the broadcasters hits “stop” and the video and meta data is automatically sent to the coach’s iPad. Designing a simple recording interface with easy to find and use tagging UIthe recording with information about the play and send the video to the coach’s iPad. Often using the app for the first time in stressful, game-day situations. We needed to make workflows, interactions and UI simple enough to use with little to no instruction or explanation ahead of time. 



The devs went to great lengths to make this product “just work” out-of-the-box. Creating a magical user experience was paramount to the product’s adoption and success, not to mention building onto the Coach’s Eye brand. Our initial audience for this app was high school football coaches looking to equip their team with broadcasting technology only collegiate and professional teams with big budgets have had access to.